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by Teadora Press |

Here is what Stacy Cox had to say about our When In Rio, Gold Shimmer Oil, at her appearance on CBS Sacramento, check out the video below...."When you take a look at say, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez or Lady Gaga on the red carpet their skin is as glowing as their evening gowns.  And you have to stop for a moment and wonder: "What gives??" Is there a magic potion someone applies to their legs, arms, cleavage that suddenly makes them appear illuminated from here to Akron, Ohio?  Well guess what? There is! And lots of Hollywood makeup artists are buzzing about Teadora's When In Rio Shimmering Superfruit Oil.

The trick is to apply it as a last step once the celeb's dress or our dress is on and in place. When In Rio is all shimmer, BUT none of the nasties meaning it's vegan-free, cruelty-free and loaded with 11 antioxidant rich superfoods like Acai, Maracuja, and Copaiba.  


Paying homage to Teadora’s Brazilian roots, they're bringing Rio to you in a 1.5 ounce bottle. When in Rio is an awesome highlighter, providing an all-over shimmer, perfect to complete your red carpet look. It's a dry oil base, so it's non-greasy but delivers deep moisturization and long-lasting shimmer that's noticeable in both natural and artificial lighting. It works on all skin types even the most sensitive and has the power to address skin redness and blemishes plus works to add shine into your hair."






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