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For the Rainforest

At Teadora, we are activists. We are actively focused on fighting climate change through preservation and restoration of the Amazon.

Our Strategy to fight Climate Change consists of 4 pillars:

Sustainable Sourcing

Ensure the Forest is Worth more Standing vs Cut. Create an efficient supply chain that has sustainability at its core, reducing transportation impact, keeping more money in local communities and ensuring the forest is worth more standing than cut. We work closely with small harvesting communities to make sure there are fair and consistent practices that help these communities with long-lasting and sustainable relationships with the forest.


Restore and protect. In our first project, we partnered with the University of Purdue to create a solar-powered film studio for the Kayapo People, helping to strengthen these communities. Our second project was to help create a Women’s Wellness Center for victims of human trafficking. Currently, we are working with the Rainforest Foundation US to preserve 350,000 acres of habitat for multiple endangered species, and plant more than 1 million trees in an area that is sacred to the Wapichan People.

Reduce Impact

Continuous Improvement. We are committed to reducing the impact of our products, by eliminating ingredients that are harmful to people, animals or the environment. All of our products are vegan, and certified Cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. We constantly adjust formulas, packaging, preparation and transport to continually improve, such as using treeless sources of paper, etc.


Activate our Community of Enthusiasts. We are in the fight to reduce Climate Change together. Join our Botanist’s Workshop and find other ways that you can get involved – whether it is helping women-run harvesting cooperatives in the Amazon, donating to one of our conservation projects, or even simply planting a tree by purchasing a product.

If you are planning an event for a conservation-focused non-profit, feel free to send us a note – we’re always willing to partner with, and support, great organizations who are making a difference!

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