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We value great customer experiences and we want to make your experience with Teadora one that you will simply "Adore". Trying a new brand takes time and courage - to make you feel at ease with the process, we have 7 reasons for you to love:

  1. We give back to Mother Earth through a program we trademarked EARTH FOR YOU. YOU FOR EARTH! Our goal is bold, but every time you buy a product, we get closer to Replanting 1 Million Trees & Saving 75K Acres of land in the Amazon rainforest. To put it into perspective - that is an area equivalent to 88 NYC Central Parks.
  2. Free Shipping on all US domestic orders of $35+, standard USPS to Continental US. 
  3. Free Samples 3-Free samples with every full size product order - so you can try something new or share a favorite with a friend - samples automatically added with every order. 
  4. Free Gift with Purchase on any orders of $150+. (currently $25 dollar e-gift card)
  5. Free returns on domestic orders - we have carefully crafted these products so that you will fall in love with them from the minute you open the box, but we understand that skin and hair care are personal preferences and sometimes it may just not be just right for you.
  6. Get paid for referrals with our Referral Rewards - get a friend to buy Teadora products and receive 15% cash reward on their first two purchases. All you have to do is click here to sign up and will give you all the tools you need. They get a 20% discount on their first purchase. 
  7. We listen - Talk to us. We love your feedback and are here to answer any questions. Contact us at our 24x7 call center if have any questions about ingredients, products, offers, or if you just need someone to chat with and share the love. 866-839-8927. We are a small, family owned business out of Bellevue, WA. If there is a question our 24 hour call center cannot answer, we will get back to you w/in 48 hours, Pacific Standard Time.

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