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Our Ingredients

We curate and combine the best most powerful and effective botanical actives on earth. Hand-picked to deliver the absolute best results.

Heirloom Brazilian Botanicals – What are they?

The rainforest has been handed down to us, and we want to hand it down to future generations. Heirloom Brazilian Botanicals are those rich ingredients that have been handed down through generations of indigenous peoples, used in healthcare, wellness, hair care, skin care, and sustenance. Click here to learn more about these awesome ingredients.

Our Special Sauce

We call it TerraVital™ which means means Vital Land, our vital land is the Amazon rainforest. Vital to our wellbeing by providing us these amazing botanicals, vital to the wellbeing of our planet.

We offer two TerraVital™ Collections:

TerraVital™ Wild Superfood Collection, we combine anywhere from 3-14 different superfoods into proprietary formulations. Each of these superfoods have different vitamins, oleic and fatty acids, antioxidants, and by combining them, we are able to harness each of their benefits into a single formulation, it’s like multi-vitamin approach to skin and hair care.

TerraVital™ Raw Minimalist Collection, we curate the best single or dual-ingredients from the best of the Brazilian biome. To be used individually as your favorite oils, toners, masks, scrubs or combined to make a customized mask that fits your unique wellness needs. 100% Fragrance Free.