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 Be RAW, be You! 100% Pure Ingredient Collection & 4-Step Mask that fits your Unique Skincare Concerns. The freedom to do it yourself. 

Our RAW Collection is HandCrafted in Small Batches in our Portland, Oregon Studio. We use only 100% pure, exotic, single or dual organic Brazilian ingredients. Potent Brazilian Kaolin Clays, Superfood Oils and Extracts that can be used individually as your favorite skincare oils, mists, clays and scrubs or mixed and matched to make the perfect masks, customized to address your skin concerns. If you purchase 4 items as a DIY Kit, you will receive a FREE DIY Mask Kit ($25 value): Ceramic Bowl, Mask Brush & Mixing Spoon.

To start your kit, select the skin concern that most closely describes yours and we’ll help you build your customized kit in 4 easy steps:

Mature Aging Skin Sensitive Skin Acne Prone Sensitive Skin