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Beard & Skin Oil | Vegan Skincare For Men | Beardruff Free Skin



Vegan Skin Care for Men | Beard & Skin Oil | Beardruff Free Skin (1.1oz) Buriti Oil, Passionfruit Oil, Babassu Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Argan Plant Stem Cells. Naturally Anti-Inflammatory by Teadora

Bring out your inner Mountain Ninja with Teadora's exotic Beard & Skin Conditioning oil. Receive a beautiful wooden comb as a gift with purchase. 

Keep your beard, mustache and face healthy and looking great! Our amazing beard oils are naturally-powered with high-antioxidant superfruit oils sustainably harvested from the Amazon rainforest. It features Buriti Oil - naturally anti-inflammatory and favorite of indigenous Amazon tribes, this oil is great for both conditioning and relieving 'beardruff'. Also includes Passionfruit seed oil, Babassu oil, Rosehip oil, and Argan Plant stem cells.

While standing in a waterfall, apply 3-7 drops and massage into beard and underlying skin to soften, control and condition. Leave in or rinse to personal preference. Add clothing and start your day. Or remove clothing and start your night.

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