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Beard & Skin Oil | Vegan Skincare For Men | Beardruff Free Skin



Vegan Skin Care for Men | Beard & Skin Oil | Beardruff Free Skin (1.1oz). Our beard and skin conditioning oil is crafted with an exotic superfood cocktail of antioxidant, vitamin-rich, natural, organic & active essential oils sustainably harvested from the Amazon rainforest. It protects skin against free radical damage, provides deep hydration while smoothing and keeping your beard, mustache and face healthy and looking great! 

Buriti Oil - a natural inflammatory and favorite of indigenous Amazon tribes, this oil is great for both conditioning and relieving 'beardruff'. Brazil Nut Oil - a light yet highly nourishing oil rich in essential fatty acids, selenium and vitamins, offering strong antioxidant properties. hydration and softening. Passionfruit Oil - Passionfruit Seed Oil is a superior emollient that is rich in Vitamin A, calcium, and phosphorous. The essential fatty acids and light texture make it a valuable in nourishing the skin and treating dry skin conditions. It is often recommended as an aid to encourage healthy hair growth and increased vitality. Babassu Oil - High in lauric acid, this oil is used for its soothing, protective and emollient properties. Rose Hip Oil - with its natural content of Vitamin A it increases cell turnover and accelerates skin regeneration. It's high concentration of antioxidants and omegas make it an ideal companion in your anti-aging regimen. We've added Argan plant stem cells to this special beard oil to ensure that your skin and beard are treated the way they deserve. Plus Receive a FREE wooden comb as a gift with purchase. 

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