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Brazilian Radiance

Shampoo & Conditioner Set

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Packed with Amazon Superfruits and other powerful botanicals, this Brazilian hair treatment is perfect for every hair type. With antioxidant and vitamin-rich Buriti, Açaí and Cupuaçu, our exotic and sulfate-free professional salon quality hair products intensely hydrate, soften and bring back natural shine to your hair. Our rainforest superfruit ingredients help to prevent split ends, prolong the life of hair color, provide great frizz control, restore damaged hair and protect against UV ray damage. Buriti's anti-inflammatory properties also support great scalp health. 100% natural scent, excellent for sensitive scalp & skin. 

  • Adds shine and softness to any hair type
  • Balances and restores your best hair (from dry and damaged to oily, thick and curly to thin and straight--and every type in between)
  • Helps prevent split ends and prolong the life of hair color
  • Restores and protects damaged hair
  • Provides deep hydration 
  • Promotes scalp health
  • Provides frizz control

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