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Raw Buriti Sun Oil


2 oz

Raw Buriti Sun Oil  | 100% Pure | Organic  | Vegan Skincare

Rich in Oleic Fatty Acids and Carotenoids, especially Pro Vitamin A, Buriti Oil is your perfect pre and post sun care companion - a potent moisturizer that also helps to increase skin's elasticity.

Its beautiful, natural, reddish tone, also gives you a nice sun kissed tint.

Benefits: * Moisturizes * Increases Effective and Absorption of Sun Screen * Reduces Fine Lines * Reduces Trans-Epidermal Water Loss, Increasing Elasticity 

To learn more about the incredible benefits of Buriti Oil, check out our blog.

Add a couple of drops to your sunscreen to increase its absorbance and protection by 3x, while moisturizing and improving your skin’s elasticity. Apply post sun exposure for anti-oxidant protection and water loss prevention. 

Combine with other products in our RAW line to create a powerful, personalized skincare routine. 

Organic Mauritia Flexuosa Fruit Oil, Tocopherol.

All Teadora products are 100% vegan with ethically sourced and sustainably harvested superfood ingredients; free of harsh chemicals and toxins, cruelty and gluten. Our RAW line is 100% fragrance-free. Rainforest Born Superfruits, crafted with love in our Portland, Oregon Studio. 

Buriti was the inspiration behind our Beatiful Brand Logo. See the resemblance? It's always been one of our favorite oils.

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